augustiner klosterwirt

Augustiner Klosterwirt


Here, at the foot of the Frauenkirche, the first Augustiner beer was brewed: 700 years ago. No wonder that the Klosterwirt treasures the value of the traditional beer culture. The fully automated glass elevator for the wooden barrels is the only one in the world. That guarantees that the beer always tastes wonderfully fresh. Particularly in the monastery garden, where trees shade your seat as you enjoy the most beautiful view of the Frauenkirche. If the weather won't cooperate, there's space in the cheery beerhall, in the cozy vaulted cellar, or in the hidden abbey in the cloister arches. The kitchen in the Klosterwirt offers the best of Bavarian and Franconian specialities: pork knuckle, Franconian sauerbraten, and grilled sausages. A tip: you cannot leave the Klosterwirt without having tried the fresh crispy Franconian Schäufele (pork shoulder). Oh, and don't let the frequent ringing of the Klosterwirt bell confuse you: it's rung every time a fresh Augustiner keg is tapped. And the people are thirsty...


augustiner klosterwirt
augustiner klosterwirt

Augustiner Klosterwirt

Augustinerstraße 1
80331 Munich

Tel. 089 55054466
Fax 089 550544699


Opening hours:
9:30 am - 12:00 midnight every day

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