Schuhbecks Orlando

Schuhbeck‘s Orlando


For more than a hundred years, the Orlandohaus am Platzl has been busy with eaters, drinkers, chatters and talkers. Since 2007, Bavaria's best-known chef Alfons Schuhbeck has continued this tradition with his Orlando. Gold stucco on the majestic ceiling arches, opulent chandeliers, marble floors, the lively terrace - Schuhbeck‘s Orlando preserves and revitalizes the great cafe and coffeehouse culture of yesteryear. To eat, we find a virtuoso interpretation of international cuisine, such as Schuhbeck's Currywurst for a smaller appetite -- or a lobster spaghetti with prawns for more festive moods. In the afternoon, delicious cakes from the house patisserie entice visitors, and the ice cream too is -- as one would expect of Alfons Schuhbeck -- of course homemade. Among the numerous Schuhbeck classics on the menu, we find his legendary Iced Emperor's Pancakes (Kaiserschmarren): this is the dessert that immortalized its creator.


schuhbecks orlando
schuhbecks orlando

Schuhbeck‘s Orlando

Platzl 4
80331 Munich

Tel. 089 216690330


Opening hours:
9:30 am - 12:00 midnight every day

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